About us

Skilled Staff

CMS Health Care depends on competent and compassionate staff to offer home health care for your loved ones. We are proud of our staff for being committed to organizing, scheduling, and making home services possible. We would not be able to provide such superior service without every member of our team. We are also a member of the Texas Association Home Care. Take a moment to meet the members of our wonderful staff. 

1. Our Mission

At CMS Health Care, we are proud to make the following promises:

We will assist the patient and his or her family in overcoming health-related limitations. In the process, we aim to help our patients return to optimal health.

We will include appropriate assistance in comfort, observation, and support that contributes to sustaining life, recovery of health, or a dignified death.

We will respect the rights of the patient and his or her family to make decisions and choices affecting the patient’s present and future health status.

2. Our Objectives

We believe each patient has the right to skilled and compassionate care by our team of home care professionals to assist in achieving the best possible outcomes. Our agency is proud to be identified as 5-Star on both patient satisfaction and patient outcomes.

3. Our People

CMS Health Care, Inc. offers personalized care tailored to your case. You or your loved one will receive home health care under the direct supervision of your physician. Each of our practices is approved by your physician and performed by our trained professionals to ensure that you receive the best care possible. We offer the following services for our patients:

Skilled Nursing
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Physical Therapy
Medical Social Worker
Home Health Aide

Meet Our Team 

David and Becky Furry

Lisa Callihan

Director of Nurses
Kasey Bonnema, RN

Assistant Director of Nurses
Jennifer Moody, RN

Coleman Branch Manager
Luana Saverance, RN, HCS-D

Quality Assurance/Compliance Director
Raedel Rind, RN, MSN, COS-C

Business Development
Tina Judkins


Jamie Castro, RN
Andrea Chambers, LVN
Jayme Chew, RN
Regina Davidson, LVN
Michelle Day, RN, BSN
Shandelyn Dickey, LVN
Beckie Ehlers, RN
Jennifer Elliott, LVN
Mary Lucier, LVN
Jennifer Moody, RN
Cheyenne Musick, RN, BSN
Kathy Payne, LVN
Debbie Pinson, LVN
Shelbi Taylor, RN
Tina Theriaque, RN, DNP


Justin Atkinson, OT

Russell Beasley, LPT
Tracey Carr, OT
Jennifer Garcia, ST
Amy Hardy, LPT
Yumiko Kai, OT
Scott King, LPT
LeAn Warren, LPT
Dorinda Braun, PTA
Chris Evans, PTA
D. J. Judkins, PTA
Amy Key, COTA

Rachael King, COTA


Medical Social Worker

 Mary Stephenson, LBSW

Home Health Aides

Vicky Dean, HHA
Mary Delgado, HHA
Margie McMillian, HHA
Mary Thornhill, HHA

Office Staff

Carolyn Barkley
Markie Grantham

Cathey Wiedebusch


Linda Inabnet